Academic PhilosophynnLight Christian Academy strives to provide a nurturing, educational environment that is Christ-centered. First, we are spiritually Christ-centered. Our mission is to help each child cultivate a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Daily Bible instruction and regular Scripture memorization are integral parts of the student’s spiritual development. Second, we are intellectually Christ-centered. Light Christian Academy recognizes that each student is a unique individual, created by God with specific talents and gifts. The school endeavors to provide a strong foundation of knowledge that will prepare students for the future. Third, we are socially Christ-centered. We seek to instruct children in godly and moral conduct that will help them become wise and mature adults. This instruction is accomplished through an attitude that all things are to be done to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). The Christian school setting provides opportunities for students to grow socially and physically through educational trips, community projects, activities, and physical fitness programs.nnrnrnnnnnPreschool (K3/K4/VPK)nnnLil’ Lights Preschool, the preschool department of Light Christian Academy, offers programs for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. For more information, including information on free VPK, please visit the Lil’ Lights Preschool website at Elementary – Grades K-3nnnStudents in Kindergarten through 3rd grade receive a solid academic foundation through Abeka curriculum. This comprehensive curriculum teaches basic academic skills using an intensive, systematic phonics approach.  This approach is carried through in all areas of classroom teaching and is reinforced with daily activities. Students also explore the Bible through stories, hymns and choruses, and scripture memory. Lessons in these grades are delivered in a mixed media format: they are viewed as a video then reinforced by the classroom teacher. nnnnnUpper Elementary – Grades 4-5nnnBeginning in 4th grade, students at Light Christian Academy transition to the ACE curriculum. The ACE curriculum is a comprehensive, individualized program. Students develop a solid academic foundation in core subjects, including English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Literature, Word Building (vocabulary and spelling), and Bible Reading. Students complete their coursework by working through PACEs. Each PACE in every subject also focuses on a character trait or Biblical principle. Each student has his or her own student “office” where work is completed. Students are divided into mixed-grade learning centers. Each learning center has a dedicated supervisor. Class size is small, typically with 20 or fewer students per supervisor, insuring that students receive individual attention and instruction. Elementary students participate in physical education weekly. Additionally, elementary students have opportunities to participate in field trips and activities, including academic bowls and student conventions.nnnnnMiddle School – Grades 6-8nnnACE curriculum is also utilized for students in grades 6-8. In addition to academic learning through PACE work, the ACE curriculum trains students to set and achieve goals, to be self-motivated, and to work independently with integrity. Middle school students have their own learning center and dedicated supervisor, and staff is always ready to provide assistance and instruction as students complete their PACEs. Students participate in physical education twice each week. Field trips and activities, including academic bowls and student conventions, are also available to middle school students. nnnnnHigh School – Grades 9-12nnnLight Christian Academy utilizes ACE curriculum to provide instruction in core subjects for our high school students. Supplementing the written PACEs are instructional videos and computerized lab work for subjects such as Algebra I and II, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, and other high school subjects. Light Christian Academy also partners with Florida Virtual school to provide access to a selection of electives, including Drivers Education. Dual enrollment opportunities are also available to eligible students through Valencia College, Lake Sumter State College, and Orange Technical College. School administration and the high school supervisor work closely with each high school student and his or her family to plan the student’s academic program and to insure that the student is on track to achieve his or her academic goals. High school students are also required to participate in academic competitions, such as academic bowls and student conventions.