Student Conventions & Competitions

Video: “Why Student Conventions?” by ACE Ministries gives an overview of the value of student conventions.

Student Conventions & Competitions

In the spring of each year LCA students have opportunities to compete in academic bowls and student conventions!

CGACS Academic Bowls are academic competitions for grades 1-12. The grades are divided into two events: Elementary Bowl for grades 1-6 and High School Bowl for grades 7-12. The academic bowls are one-day events hosted by our accrediting agency, Church of God Association of Christian Schools. Students can compete in Spelling Bees, Art, Photography, Math, and Bible and Quiz Bowl. Students are selected for these events based on interest, ability, character, and availability.

Student Conventions are multi-day events hosted by Accelerated Christian Education. Competition categories include academics, art, photography, music, drama, and athletics. LCA students participate in three levels of student conventions:

  • Jr. Student Convention is a two-day competition for students ages 8-12. Jr. Convention is a scaled-down version of competition designed to help younger students prepare for the more rigorous Regional Student Convention. Students are selected for Jr. Convention based on age, interest, ability, character, and availability. Jr. Convention is generally held in Ft. Pierce, FL.
  • Regional Student Convention (RSC) is a five-day competition for students ages 13 and above. More than just a competition, RSC inspires students to explore their interests and use their God-given talents. Each night of RSC the students attend a rally where they hear a message from God’s Word that is designed to help them grow spiritually. RSC is held on the campus of Word of Life in Hudson, FL. Light Christian Academy requires all 9th-12th grade students to attend RSC and may invite select middle school students to attend as well.
  • International Student Convention (ISC) is a multi-day competition for students who place in the top of their events at Region Student Convention. ISC provides a change for students from ACE schools around the world to meet, compete, and learn. The location of ISC rotates through different areas of the United States.

Upcoming Events

2023 – 2024 events will be announced soon!

Event Information

Jr. Student Convention

  • Jr. Student Convention is held in January. Details will be available soon!

CGACS Elementary Academic Bowl (Grades 1-6)

  • Competition is for selected students in grades 1-6
  • Academic Bowl Guidelines (Coming Soon!)
  • Creative Affidavit – Required for written entries, art, and photography
  • Spelling Word Lists (Coming Soon!)

CGACS High School Academic Bowl (Grades 7-12)

  • Competition is for selected students in grades 7-12
  • Academic Bowl Guidelines (Coming Soon!)
  • Creative Affidavit – Required for written entries, art, and photography
  • Spelling Word Lists (Coming Soon!)

Regional Student Convention

  • Regional Student Convention is held the week after Easter in Hudson, FL. Details will be available soon.
  • RSC is required for all 9th-12th grade students; select students in 6th-12th grade may be invited to attend.
  • Event List (Coming Soon!)
  • SAMPLE Parent Memo (includes what to pack/location/contact info)​​

International Student Convention

  • ISC 2024 will be held at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri!
  • More details will be available soon!

Files for Competitors

Updated as needed during convention preparation.